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Kristin Osborn's   

The Lymphatic-Friendly Diet

Vegan & Vegetarian Recipe Options Available

Kristin Osborn spent years as a sickly child before becoming an overweight adult beset by health problems.

She thought she was cursed until she discovered she suffered from a lymphatic condition, which is the largest system in the body providing waste removal and immunity.

Kristin, now a certified lymphoedema therapist, overcame many of her problems by discovering the foods that work best with the lymphatic system, easing digestion, increasing waste removal, and building immunity.

As a result, she lost thirty kilograms and has not been sick in years. She's eating as much food as she wants, and she's kept the weight off.

In this self-help book for others battling a lymphatic condition many who don't even know it she shares the recipes that have helped her become healthier and happier.

If you're often ill, can't seem to lose weight, retain fluid, and/or swell up when flying on a plane, you could be suffering from a lymphatic condition, too. But you can revitalize your mind, body, and spirit with this book, which includes one hundred easy recipes, a lymphatic food pyramid, and a seven-day eating guide.