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These unique garments create a micro-massage effect with high and low-pressure points to help improve lymph flow out of congested areas, break up and soften fibrotic/thickened tissue, and increase skin oxygenation, with no contraindications, unlike other garments & machinery.

Keeps limbs reduced & healthy & cuts down treatment appointments

Initial Appointment using no garment

Follow-up 2 weeks later after applying Half Leg and Foot combination garments

Follow-up 1 month later after utilising Half leg and Foot combination garments



How It Works

This is the only technology specifically designed to apply effective pressure to the skin, subcutaneous tissue and connective tissue of the deep dermis (the areas where the Oedema can accumulate and where fibrosis can build up). That is why the high and low pressure exerted by our products is such an effective method for treating Lymphoedema.



The technology works by applying high and low pressure points to the affected area. The high points force excess fluid into the area of low points, forming channels for which the lymphatic fluid can be removed naturally through the lymphatic and venous system. Flat compression garments constricts the affected area, often causing the lymphatic system to obstruct further.

(Please see images below of restrictions and damage caused by conventional compression garments)

This concept is so unique that it was awarded a patent by the U.S., Canadian and Australian Governments.

The red dots on the images below are the highs and lows, (negative and positive pressure), made from the inner lining reducing the fibrous, thickened tissue and creating lymph channels for the fluid to move through easily.

The images below are the result of wearing the incorrect garment which is causing further damage to the limb.

Badly fitted Knee-hi stockings

Badly fitted Knee-hi stockings

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Reid Sleeve Compression Garments help to soften Fibrosis

Half Leg plus Foot Garment

Arm plus Hand Gauntlet Garment

Full Leg Garment

Foot Garment

How to measure your limbs.

(Using a loose tape measure)

Arm Garment plus Hand Gauntlet

Circumference of the wrist, just above the elbow and upper arm, from fingertips to under the arm on the inner side.

Half Leg and Full Leg Garment

Circumference of the ankle, the thickest part of the calf, and from the ankle bone to just below the knee.

Circumference of the ankle, the thickest part of the calf and thigh, and from the ankle bone to the groin on the inner side.

Foot/Boot Garment

Circumference of the widest part of the foot and ankle.


Indications for Use

  • Lymphoedema of arms, legs, and feet
  • Lipoedema
  • Pre and Post-Surgical - Orthopaedic (knee & hip replacements), Cancer (reconstruction surgery), and Plastic/Cosmetic surgery Liposuction
  • Oedema/Swelling - from the heart, kidneys, or lungs not functioning properly
  • Compartment Syndrome/"Fat Pads"
  • Post-traumatic and scar damage to limbs
  • Prevention and healing of leg ulcers
  • Prevention of infection, (cellulitis), to the limbs
  • Breaks down Fibrosis
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Pain reducing
  • Neuropathy
  • Post Sclera-therapy & Thrombotic Syndrome
  • Preventing Thrombosis
  • Diabetes
  • Post Burns
  • Scar reducing
  • Fibromyalgia & CRPS Pain Reduction
  • Wheel-chair bound patients

What the garments can do

Helps to reduce the size of the limb/s and pauses any further progression of Lymphoedema and Lipoedema

  • Replaces old-style bandaging
  • Breaks down thickened, fibrous, hardened, scarred tissue on the limb/s
  • Fully adjustable compression, (can be tightened when the limb reduces in size)
  • Cannot tourniquet and cut off circulation, (particularly in the upper arms, elbows, ankles, and behind the knees)
  • Easy to put on and off, slides on and off
  • Health fund rebates apply
  • Zip Pay financing is available
  • Prevents further damage to limb/s which is caused by re-current cellulitis and leg ulcers and assists in healing the limb/s, not just compressing, which no other garments can perform
  • The garments have a long life expectancy of up to 20 years
  • Creates independence for patients living alone
  • Reduces pain in the limb/s significantly
  • Keeps patients mobile, can walk around with the garments on
  • Cheaper than Pumps 
  • It helps drain fluid from deeper layers not just on the surface level like most other compression
  • Can travel with the garments


These garments are second to none, Gold Standard, and World Class


Case Study 1

81 Yr Female - Patient started using Reid Sleeve Lower Limb Garment 3/10/12 due to heavy swelling, recurrent cellulitis infection and a 5cm leg ulcer that wouldn't heal for over 8 months. She couldn't walk or go upstairs unaided and her pain threshold was an 8 out of 10.

Her Limbs Measured:

Right Ankle 23cm Right Calf 40cm
Left Ankle 20cm Left Calf 35cm

Solely using the Lower Leg Reid Sleeve Compression Garment, alternating between limbs she returned to the clinic on 17/10/12. She had no pain, was able to walk and go upstairs unaided, her leg ulcer was completely healed.

Her Limbs Measured:

Right Ankle 17cm Right Calf 30cm
Left Ankle 18cm Left Calf 29cm


Case Study 2

26 Yr Male, Chronic Diabetic, had multiple cellulitis attacks and could not wear shoes, inhibiting exercise.

His Limbs Measured:

Feet 32cm Ankles 34cm Calves 43cm

Solely utilising the Boot and Lower Leg Reid Sleeve Compression Garment within a 2 week follow-up consult the measurements recorded were:

Feet 23cm Ankles 25cm Calves 30.5cm

8 Months on the patient has had no cellulits attacks, can wear normal shoes and is able to walk for exercise.  His legs today are normal.


Case Study 3

3 Yr Female Initially saw me in 2008 for a consult. Returned 2013 with a Frozen Shoulder.

Her Limbs Measured:

Wrist 20.5cm Forearm 33cm
Elbow 35.5cm Upper Axilla 31cm

Solely using the Arm plus Hand Gauntlet Reid Sleeve Compression Garment for 3 months her limbs measured:

Wrist 16.5cm Forearm 31.5cm
Elbow 31cm Upper Axilla 29cm

Testimonial for the pictures below.

"I first came to Kristin Osborn for my leg in late March 2019. My leg was very swollen following the onset of a severe case of cellulitis caused by previously undiagnosed lymphoedema. Under Kristin's management utilising both a Reid sleeve and boot, my lower leg has decreased in size by 12 cm. Kristin is very knowledgeable regarding the treatment of lymphoedema and the associated fields of general well-being, nutrition, and weight loss and I recommend her services to those in need of such attention". Allan.

The first two pictures below are of the damaged limbs, particularly the left, at the first appointment. You will notice some sores that had developed on the skin from previous infections, the redness, and the shininess of the skin from being constantly stretched. 

The last two pictures are what the limbs look like now utilising the Reid Sleeve leg and boot.  Notice the colour of the skin, the redness has reduced, the shininess is gone and the limb is significantly smaller.

Reid Sleeve Compression Garments are healing garments, they help to heal the limbs and the skin, not just squash and tourniquets like most garments on the market and they are fully adjustable so he hasn't needed to purchase another garment because his limb size decreased, this holds them as the most superior garment on the market unlike any other garment available worldwide.

Before using Reid Sleeve

Before using Reid Sleeve

2 weeks after using Reid Sleeve

2 weeks after using Reid Sleeve

"After many years of suffering from swollen legs and being told I have growing pains etc when much younger, what a relief to find someone like Kristin who immediately set me on the right path. Drs didn't have a clue. Apart from all her valued knowledge of the disease and willingness to pass on information but also the discovery of the Reid Sleeve has been invaluable. Thank you. This garment works like magic. To have something that fits so easily, and is adjustable outweighs all other products available. AND affordable. Thank you Kristin for being able to supply the "Reid Sleeve" here in Australia for an affordable price for something that should last many years before it needs replacing. Long live the Reid Sleeve. Also thank you for helping me get my legs moving once again"!! Rachel

"I developed lymphoedema in my right arm after a partial mastectomy and nodal clearance. I had been wearing a compression garment for 30 years day and night. We moved to Newcastle and I discovered Kristin whilst looking for a lymphoedema clinic here. She introduced me to the Reid sleeve. I can't emphasise enough how wonderful it is now. I rarely wear a compression garment unless I'm flying or doing strenuous exercise. I wear my Reid sleeve only at night and visit the clinic 3 monthly.
Thank you, Kristin."  Maria

"So grateful that my lymphedema is finally under control and not stopping me from enjoying life. Since finding Kristin Osborn at The Newcastle Lymphoedema Clinic in NSW. I wear a Reid Sleeve on my leg and another on my foot whilst sleeping overnight. I was measured and fitted for these aids and it was quick to arrive. On arrival, I was fitted and directed on easy instructions on use. The clinic has put me on the right track to manage my lymphedema and achieve excellent results. I have since purchased other garments for other problem areas which again I have received great results. I wish I found her sooner."  Kim

"I find the only thing that has stopped my fibromyalgia pain is putting on my full leg Reid Sleeve". Kylie


 Surgery, Travelling & Reid Sleeve Review

"Dear Kristin,

I just wanted to provide some positive feedback on the Reid sleeve following my first full-leg liposuction with skin excision surgery with Dr Ramin Shayan in Melbourne.

I have used the Reid sleeve on a nightly basis for approximately three years. I took the Reid sleeve with me to the hospital and began using this once the drains were removed from my leg. I felt instant relief when I was able to use the Reid sleeve in the hospital.

As my surgery was in Melbourne I needed to fly home. I flew home two weeks and four days following my surgery. I was extremely swollen and bruised. I was nervous to be bumped into during the busy morning rush at the airport.

Wearing the Reid sleeve over my compression garment provided me with a sense of security. I donโ€™t think you realise just how vulnerable you feel until you have had the surgery. The padding meant that even if I was bumped into, I was not going to be injured. I also felt as though people were more cautious around me at the airport and on the flight as it was obvious I had had surgery or my leg was significantly injured. The Reid sleeve was comfortable to wear during my flight.

I am now three and a half weeks post-operative and have been wearing the Reid sleeve 24 hours a day. I have felt the same reassurance from wearing the Reid sleeve when I have had to attend follow-up medical appointments and need to get in and out of the car.  

I also feel as though the Reid sleeve has aided my healing. The Reid sleeve has helped with my pain management as the few times I have not worn it, my pain level notably increased.  

I would strongly recommend the Reid sleeve to anyone considering surgery".

Kind Regards, Maree 


Washing Reid Sleeve Garments: Preserving Quality with Care
Hi everyone! As we all know, Reid Sleeve compression garments are a valuable investment in our health and well-being. To ensure they last and continue to provide optimal support, proper care and cleaning are essential. Let's dive into the best practices for washing these garments effectively:
๐Ÿ’ง **Hand Wash with Mild Liquid Dishwashing Soap:**
- Hand washing is the recommended method to maintain the integrity of the material.
- Use lukewarm water and a mild liquid dishwashing soap that is free of fabric softeners.
- Avoid using Woolite or dry cleaning, as these can compromise the effectiveness of the garment.
- Fully open the garment and soak for up to 1 hour.
๐Ÿ™… **No Fabric Softeners:**
- Fabric softeners can leave a residue that can interfere with the garment's moisture-wicking properties, reducing its effectiveness.
- They can also compromise the integrity of the material over time.
๐ŸŒ€ **Drying:**
- Gently squeeze out excess water.
- Roll a towel inside the sleeve, and tighten the straps to absorb excess water.
- Air dry on a clothes horse, fully opened, or ensure all straps are closed in the wearing position and place in the dryer on the fluff cycle with no or low heat.
- To ensure even drying, put a tennis shoe in the dryer with the sleeve to keep it moving.
โŒ› **Drying Time:**
- Drying may take a considerable amount of time. It's best to set aside a full day to dry Reid Sleeve garments in the dryer or on the clothes horse.
๐Ÿ’ก **Additional Tips:**
- Keep hand the care instructions provided for your garments.
- Avoid harsh detergents and bleaches that can damage the material.
- Store garments in a cool, dry place when not in use.
By following these simple care instructions, you can ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your Reid Sleeve garments, allowing you to continue reaping their benefits for years to come!

Watch the Following Reid Sleeve Video to demonstrate how to put on and off



More videos

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2/ Taking Arm Garment off
3/ Putting Leg Garment on
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5/ Putting Foot Garment on
6/ Taking Foot Garment off

Note: Reid Sleeve Compression Garment Policy.

Results will vary from patient to patient and results are not guaranteed.

Full payment is required prior to ordering and the cost will depend on the currency conversion at the time of ordering.

Please make sure of the order prior to placing, once the order has been placed there are no refunds for change of mind due to the garments being made to measure.

If measurements are submitted by correspondence and the garments do not fit there are no refunds or exchanges available.

No refunds will be made once the packaging has been opened due to Australian Health Regulations for sanitary purposes.

Exchanges can be made for up to 7 days only if the item is the incorrect size and returned, unopened, in the original packaging. Postage and currency conversion difference is paid by the receiver.

A 3-day cooling-off period is offered, once the cooling-off period is finished the contract is binding. If for any reason you cancel the order, there will be a 1% credit card fee applied to the whole purchase on the day, all postage is to be paid and a 20% administration fee applied.

The initial fitting must be performed only by a trained Therapist.