About Kristin Osborn

International & Domestic Speaker

Kristin has -  has 19 years of experience working in the field of Lymphology as a specialist medical therapist for:

  • Lymphoedema, & Lipoedema (Assessments, Therapy & Education for patients & health professionals)
  • Pre & Post Surgery Recovery Specialist Therapist - Kristin attended the "Live Surgery Day" in Germany in 2023 alongside the Surgeons, learning the new advancements in Lipoedema Surgery
  • Lipoedema Researcher
  • Remedial Massage Therapist
  • Osteotherapy Correction Therapist
  • Course Creator of "Lipoedema Surgery" for Dr's and Surgeons (a World First Course)
  • Speaker at Lipedema World Congress, Germany on her "Ultimate Guide to Plastic Surgery" a course for patients seeking surgery
  • Australian Patient & Therapist Representative at the Lipedema World Congress
  • Ausmed Educator for Lymphoedema & Lipoedema
  • Nutritionist
  • International Published Author "The Lymphatic-Friendly Diet" Book
  • Developer of NewLymLotion™ & NewLymWash™
  • Developer of Lymphatic-Friendly Tea and Soup
  • Creator of "Hippy Lippy Lady™ Lipoedema Awareness items
  • Exclusive HYBRID Manual Lymph Drainage 
  • Australasian & European supplier of Reid Sleeve Compression Garments
  • Stockist Lipoelastic Compression Garments
  • Welcomed member into LE&RN international Lymphoedema Education & Research Network
  • Member Lipedema Foundation 
  • Member Lipedema World Alliance
  • Member Association of Massage Therapists
  • Member National Lymphoedema Network USA
  • Member BCNA
  • Award winner 2016, 2020, 2021, 2023

Kristin was an official speaker on "Kristin Osborn's Ultimate Guide to Plastic Surgery", and the Australian Patient & Therapist Representative at the 1st Lipedema World Congress, in Germany 2023, Kristin also attended the "Live Surgery Day" alongside Surgeons

I had the privilege of presenting the "Ultimate Guide to Plastic Surgery" at the inaugural Lipedema World Congress in Germany in 2023, receiving positive feedback from surgeons, some of whom have incorporated it into their consultation materials. Within my clinic, I assist numerous patients in preparing for a variety of surgeries, including weight loss procedures, plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, and cancer reconstruction. Subsequently, I provide post-operative care to address issues such as ill-fitting compression garments leading to complications like excessive fibrosis, bruising, clots, seromas, hematomas, and infection. Common challenges include the absence of compression, lack of Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy, conflicting medications, and general confusion, resulting in disappointment. It is to rectify these issues that I developed "The Ultimate Guide To Plastic Surgery" a patient course.

Kristin has Stage Two, Type 2, Phlebo-lipoedema along with many associated conditions of this comprehensive, progressive disease so she understands how to best treat it and how patients are feeling.

Lymphoedema & Lipoedema Educator




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