"I was so thrilled with my Reid Sleeve Garment and the results that I have now purchased a second leg garment so I can wear two at a time." John

"I am very pleased with my new Reid Sleeve Garment, I noticed a difference in my leg the first night that I wore it." Peggy

"Finally someone has been able to offer such a simple and effect alterative to banadaging, I can't begin to thank you enough for introducing me to this garment. I call it "Buddy". " Jean

"This is the first Compression Garment that I have purchased that I can say is absolutely fantastic. It is something you can choose to wear whenever possible eg: at night rather than wearing something that is tight and restrictive all day like other garments and I like the fact that the Velcro bands are adjustable so you can choose how tight or loose your Reid Sleeve can be. I would highly recommend to anyone - it's definitely worth the money". Jennie

"Having self-managed my Lymphoedema for over ten years my introduction to the Reid Sleeve has been a revelation. The ease of applying and the effectiveness in the short time I have used it far outweighs the initial cost". Bob

"I do find that after wearing the Reid Sleeve there is a marked difference in leg size so hopefully if I use it as instructed it will prove to be a big help". John

"I have been using the Reid Sleeve since December. I have found it very easy to wear. It feels good when it is on. The sleeve reduces the swelling in my leg and makes me more mobile. I'm glad to have a Reid Sleeve and find that it is very beneficial". Margaret

"I only wore my Reid Sleeve for a month and went back to see my Vascular Surgeon, he was so delighted with my leg that I don't have to go back and see him anymore, as long as I keep wearing my garment". Joy

"I had quite thick, fibrous legs after being born with Primary Lymphoedema. I went to all the Lymphoedema Hospitals and underwent many years of bandaging. After only wearing the Reid Sleeve for a month, I noticed my legs changing back to normal colour from quite red/purple and how soft they have become. I only bought 1 garment and I alternate between legs so it was good value for money". George

"I am pretty happy with the results so far, my ulcer that I have had for months is just about healed in 1 week of wearing the garment. My leg is almost back to normal & I could only just fint into the garment, now the velcro band pulls through by about 90mm. I am now able to walk & exercise without any discomfort." Steve

"When I first saw the Reid Sleeve I had concerns as I dislike anything tight on my arm and I was convinced I would not be able to sleep with it and also the price.

The first couple of nights were slightly uncomfortable, but I was amazed by how easy it was to actually wear through the night. Within a few weeks my arm which had been rock hard and heavy started to soften. My upper arms were actually jiggling when I moved, not nice for most people but heaven for a sufferer of Lymphedema.

I would stringly recommend the Reid sleeve to anyone and well worth the financial investment." Jane

"I have waited many years for something like the Reid Sleeve to come along as I have suffered with lymphoedema for so long. Using it has made such a great difference to my affected leg. I now find that my shoes are too big and I have had to go down a size in slacks. I used to have large swelling above my ankle which has now gone down enough to allow me to see the top of my foot, which I could not do before. I can sleep wearing the sleeve without any trouble. I thank Kristin Osborn for her treatments and for procuring the great Reid Sleeve for me." Ruby

"I was hesitant to purchase a Reid Sleeve because of the cost butafter trying the boot first & witnessing the instant results visually and also by tape measure comparisons, I couldn't wait to purchase the half leg too. I feel the Reid products have empowered me to take some personal control of my condition and maintain the benefits of visits to my Lymphoedema practitioner; the results are truly incredible!" Robyn

"I am using the full leg Reid Sleeve, which I can fit myself. I wear it at night whilst sleeping. This enables me independence and freedom to a normal daily life" Lorraine.