What is Lipoedema?

Our unique comprehensive Lipoedema Program will answer this question with the latest updated information.

The goal of this program is to reduce pain, have aesthetically pleasing limbs, decrease & pause the progression of Lipoedemic adipose tissue. This program should be followed in full for the best possible results. Results will vary for each patient but everyone gets results.  All modules of this program need to be completed prior to any "Liponix" treatments.

Treatment Plan

  1. Assessment & education of the fat & connective tissue disease Lipoedema, understanding the disease and what contributes to the increase in Lipids (fat cells), fibrosis & fluid
  2. Anatomy of the Lymphatic System for a deeper understanding of how your body functions and why certain treatments are adopted for the best outcome
  3. How to pause the progression of Lipoedema utilising products and supports most of which can only be obtained through this Clinic
  4. Lymph Facts
  5. Infection – What is it? How to recognise and manage it effectively
  6. Best practice exercise guide
  7. Specific diet for Lipoedema, as per "The Lymphatic-Friendly Diet and How your gut & digestion works
  8. Compression Garments specific to Lipoedema
  9. Self Drainage Techniques 
  10. Skin Care
  11. “Liponix” Non-surgical treatment for Lipoedema

Total treatment of Lipoedema from the outside to the inside

Lipoedema comes in Stages and Types



Stages of Lipoedema



Excess dieting does not change Lipoedema fat



Lipoedemic Fat is different from normal excess fat

Lipoedema connective tissue is different, it has gaps for fluid, gel & fibrosis to form.

Types of Lipoedema



Daughter: Lipo-hypertrophy 
Mother: Stage 1 Lipoedema



Sometimes Lipoedema is mistaken for Lymphoedema

(Lipoedema on left, Lymphoedema on right)


Lipoedema comes in different shapes and diagnostics and is progressive



Lipoedema is sometimes mistaken for Obesity



Ultrasound image of Lipoedemic Fat
The white parts are the enlarged Lipids - fat cell

Lipoedema diagnosis & treatment needs to start at an early age to slow the progression